Recipes for Wellbeing

November 23, 2017

Recipes for Wellbeing cares for young changemakers caring for the world. We aim to make wellbeing accessible to changemakers – individuals and organisations acting to create positive change and leading the co-creation of a thriving planet. Our products and services assist changemakers in integrating wellbeing in their organisations to become more effective in fulfilling their social mission. Our free online library of wellbeing recipes allows them to discover resources to increase individual and organisational wellbeing. Our immersive wellbeing retreats enable the creation of self-organised wellbeing communities that learn together, support each other, and develop wellbeing innovations. In our pilot year we have hosted 4 wellbeing retreats in 4 different countries, reaching 31 young changemakers from 15+ countries. Additionally, we have collected over 50+ wellbeing recipes, freely accessible on our website. We are currently looking for funding to expand our activities and scale our impact.