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Climate Action

The ChangemakerXchange Climate Action Resources is a collection of useful materials around climate action to help you understand the climate and biodiversity crises, make the case to convince other people of the urgency to act, and build your capacity to take action.

The ChangemakerXchange Regenerative Manifesto highlights our sustainability principles and offers a series of actions we take as a community to be as sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible. As a global community of ± 1000 social innovators, we are committed to embodying sustainable changemaking and finding ways of being and working, that are in harmony with our planetary boundaries.

Organisational Culture

The ChangemakerXchange Team Manifesto is our roadmap to creating an organisation we truly love to work for and that enables us to fulfill our purpose to serve changemakers. It strives to acknowledge and integrate all our different values and principles to cultivate a workplace that is agile, empowering, and impactful. We are proud of our Team Manifesto and take any opportunities to consciously promote new ways of working and of creating collective impact.

The ChangemakerXchange Harassment & Discrimination Policy includes processes and actions to foster a harassment- and discrimination-free community. ChangemakerXchange has made every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided in this policy. However, the contents are solely for information purposes and are provided without warranty of any kind.

The ChangemakerXchange Disability Inclusion Policy includes processes and actions to nurture an inclusive community. We encourage our facilitators to take the lead on ensuring accessibility and inclusions in our summit activities and to work closely with the local hosting team to guarantee inclusion in all other aspects of the summit following this policy.

The ChangemakerXchange DEI Resources is part of our commitment to achieving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This curated resources and glossary serves as a catalyst for dialogue and understanding. As a vibrant global community of social innovators, creating a world where every voice is valued and empowered is a critical part of our work at ChangemakerXchange. Explore this page and embark on a journey of celebrating DEI with us.


The ChangemakerXchange COVID-19 Toolkit acts as a guidance to adapt our ways of working together as a team and continue to serve our community of changemakers in the time of COVID. ChangemakerXchange has made every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided in this toolkit. However, the contents are solely for information purposes and are provided without warranty of any kind.

The ChangemakerXchange GDPR Toolkit acts as a guide for us to protect the personal data of our team and community members. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), implemented on 25 May 2018 in the EU, builds on and significantly updates decade-old data privacy laws. Since ChangemakerXchange is based, and has operations, in the EU, all our systems have data on people that fall under the scope of GDPR.

The ChangemakerXchange Onboarding Toolkit has the processes and steps to onboard new team members at the ChangemakerXchange core team, in alignment with the ChangemakerXchange Team Manifesto. It aims to make the onboarding as smooth as possible. This toolkit is constantly evolving and we welcome your feedback and insights to help us to improve it.

The ChangemakerXchange Strategy Toolkit guides you through how we go about designing the various components we consider critical for an impactful strategy. The objective of this toolkit is to give you a good overview of the various elements that make a great strategy, as well as a chance to self-reflect and draw inspiration from the examples of other organisations.

The ChangemakerXchange Online Facilitation Toolkit has our knowledge and expertise, as well as all our favourite tips and tricks when it comes to facilitating online gatherings. We are hopeful this toolkit will strengthen your online facilitation superpowers and enable you to host online transformative experiences for your team and community.

Systemic Impact

The ChangemakerXchange Systemic Impact Resources is a collection of useful materials around the theory and practice of systemic impact that are relevant for changemakers. It contains links to articles, books, reports, videos, etc. that will give you examples and also an opportunity to reflect on how you can amplify the positive impact of your work.

The 5Rs Framework is a useful systemic impact tool to map five key dimensions of systems: Roles, Relationships, Resources, Results, and Rules. Collectively these 5Rs can serve as a lens for assessing systems and a guide for identifying and monitoring interventions designed to strengthen them.

The Systemic Impact Examples is a place where you can find detailed case studies, quick anecdotal examples from the ChangemakerXchange community and beyond to make the 5Rs framework more concrete and tangible.

Resources from our friends and partners



Our official wellbeing partner Recipes for Wellbeing invites you to check out its newly developed Wholebeing Framework, a liberatory learning structure consisting of 150+ Wholebeing Skills mapped across 12 Wholebeing Domains designed to empower changemakers and organisations on a collective journey to thrive together. In particular, you can:


▪ Learn about the Wholebeing Framework.
▪ Browse among almost 300 practices in their Wholebeing Library.
▪ Join a weekly non-linear Wholebeing Learning Journey.