Our theory of

We aim for 4 main outcomes for our community members​

  1. They feel belonging to a community of supportive peers​
  2. They and their teams avoid burnout and increase personal sustainability​
  3. They and their organisations are able to sustain, deepen and scale their systemic impact​
  4. They are able to inspire and empower others as changemakers and ambassadors for a new kind of collaborative changemaking

We believe if we hit these direct impact objectives, we end up with a social innovation sphere which is more connected, collaborative and systemic in its approach.​

Our impact

We now reach 800 changemakers across over 100 countries​

78% say CXC has significantly increased their impact​

97% say wellbeing has improved after CXC

98% deeply identify with our vision of inspiring other youth as changemakers

90% feel part of a community which shares their values

70% say CXC has positively influenced  their organisational strategy

81% say it has positively impacted on their personal development​

78% have made deep connections and 72% feel belonging in the community​

90% rate the summit as excellent –
NPS is 90+

The community collectively reaches over 50 million beneficiaries​

“I now want to spend my life acting towards systems change.” – Anonymous

“For the 1st time I built an absolute trust in the group as a collective entity, and allowed myself to be vulnerable and accept help.” – Anonymous

“I wanted to change the world for the better since 14 but everyone told me to ‘be normal’. After CXC, I realize that I don’t want to have a “normal” but an impactful life. I want to paint the world in bright colors of peace, unity and love. CXC has catalyzed my mission to do so.” – Lika

Our Changemakers have created over 150 collaboration projects between them. These have resulted in some setting up brand new entities, such as: ​

Recipes for Wellbeing: An organisation promoting a culture of wellbeing and tackling burnout in the sector.

Public Planet Partnerships: An initiative at the Dubai Expo 2020 showcasing usable examples of collaborations between 'humans and nature' in creating a more sustainable world​.

Scripture (Y)Our Story: A project which aims to build the storytelling capacity for individuals and organisations aiming for social impact.​

Water for Healthy Communities: Bringing bio-sand filters to DR Congo and Uganda and training local youth as the stewards and implementers of the programme​.

Local Changemakers: Empowering indigenous teens in the Philippines to be explore their own identity as changemakers and solve problems in their local contexts​.