Besides being a global community of changemakers, we also are a laboratory for innovative and participatory facilitation methodologies and practices. Over the years we have built a global group of nearly 60 impact-focused facilitators, all recruited from the ChangemakerXchange community, who are both changemakers and skilled facilitators. Trained in offline and online facilitation and based in cities around the world they’re ready to facilitate anything from 2-hour digital conversations to five-day retreats.

Though not limited to these, their key area of expertise is in creating deeper human connection, fostering wellbeing and enabling peer to peer learning and tangible collaborations.

What we value most in facilitation

All the ChangemakerXchange facilitators are changemakers with their own ventures at the same time. They are living the experience of creating positive social change, which equips them extra well for supporting others in their journey.

We are facilitators rather than trainers. We consider our main role to leverage the collective intelligence of the group and to create safe and empowering spaces to human creativity to thrive.

We design accessible and inclusive agendas for all learning styles (logical, kinesthetic, verbal, aural, visual) and character types (intra and inter-personal).

Our offering

For communities of changemakers

Are you part of a community of changemakers, entrepreneurs, or activists and want to create deeper connection and foster co-creation and collaboration? That's what the CXC facilitators do best. Let's talk!


For organizations

Are you hosting groups of people for meetings, workshops, strategy retreats and conferences. And are you looking to make them more exciting, intimate and powerful? Let's join forces - the ChangemakerXchange facilitators can help!


For foundations, philantrophists and funders

Are you investing in the social impact eco-system and share the belief that great facilitation is key to create systemic change and collaboration? Exciting! Let's explore how we can work together.


Examples of past and current projects and partnerships

Changemakers at SOS Children’s Villages

Realizing youth from around the world at their Villages aim to become changemakers SOS invited us to create a virtual accelerator program for 35 young people in their network. In a combination of open space sessions and trainings we helped to build their identity as changemakers and their capacity to create impact.

The “Social Innovation Cluster” at Bosch Alumni Network (BAN)

With well over 7.000 members the Bosch Foundation’s Alumni Network runs one of the world’s largest digital alumni communities. Facilitators from ChangemakerXchange create and deliver engaging content, workshops and conversations with a focus on social innovation for the BAN.

A ChangemakerXchange Summit for Social Enterprises with TOMS

In partnership with TOMS we’ve sourced and gathered some of Europe’s leading young social enterprise founders for a 5-day retreat in nature to foster collaborations and empower them to create more impact.

The ChangemakerXchange Facilitators 🤍

Impressions from their work ☀️


We believe that "facilitation is the software of social change".
And we work tirelessly towards our vision of a world where everyone is part of inclusive communities in which people connect deeply and co-create positive action to serve the wellbeing of people and planet. So, if you are a changemaker or community manager yourself, please visit our resources page, including an open source toolkit for virtual facilitation and many more.