Public-Planet Partnerships

November 23, 2017

The time has come to ratify our free trade agreement with the natural world through Public-Planet Partnerships (PPP). Public-private-partnerships are viewed as critical to achieving the SDGs, and to bridging an annual investment gap of $2.5 trillion to achieve them by 2030, yet we have overlooked our greatest social and economic partner: Nature itself.  We try to protect nature. We try to learn from nature. But we are not actively partnering with nature. We fail to consider and utilize the operational and economic efficiency of almost $100 trillion in complementary eco-system services provided through natural capital, and over 3.8 billion years of R&D and priceless patents. Public-Planet Partnerships is a new methodology and set of tools to help the Public (business, scientists, government and changemakers) partner and collaborate with the Planet (nature’s trillions of dollars of free eco-system services and 8 million+ species) to achieve mutually beneficial sustainable and regenerative impact. Public-Planet Partnerships was launched at the UN COP22 Climate Change Summit, published in Stanford Social Innovation Review, and honoured as a finalist for the UNEP Young Champions of the Earth Prize.