Humans for Change

November 23, 2017

Our project concerns the creation of a microsite and a summit series called ‘Humans For Change’ changing people’s narrative around changemaking and inspire them to be changemakers in their day-to-day life. Which basically shares 2 or 3 short stories of Changemakers all around the world every week, so as to be read by potential changemakers, to inspire them to make the big step, in at least 4 languages: English, Arabic, Greek and Turkish. Our main impact channels will be microsites, social media pages, newsletter, and summits. During the first 12 months, one summit will be held and 104 stories will be shared, In the middle run, we are aiming to have 4 summits annually in different European and MENA countries, as well as increasing the number of stories shared weekly. In short, we are trying to change people’s narrative and showcase the extent of how one person can positively affect his local community and induce change.