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We offer different donation options, including the option to donate directly to various wallets and we will add even more in the future.

We offer various ways to give:


Give directly in cryptocurrency to our respective cryptocurrency wallets.
You will have the choice to either give anonymously or in person. We currently accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and XRP (Ripple) directly to our own wallets, and hundreds more via coin-swapping service Changelly.



In case you prefer to make a contribution in a cryptocurrency, but make sure it's converted to fiat (EURO) right away please use our dedicated BitPay Service. Please note that due to European regulatory requirements, one-time customer verification is now required for all cryptocurrency payments via Bitpay.




Give directly in Dogecoin. You will have the choice to either give anonymously or in person.





In case you prefer to make a contribution via PayPal, Debit or Credit Card please visit our simple and safe PayPal Donation Page



Below please find our bank account in case you want to make a simple bank transfer.

ChangemakerXchange Donation Account
Recipient: Changemakerxchange gGmbH
Bank: Triodos Bank
IBAN: DE65500310001079370009



You prefer to give in a currency we don't offer, yet or give in a different way to give altogether and want to speak to a member of our team?
We look forward to hearing from you!
Please just write us at








Nicolas Cary, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of, Co-Founder and Chairman of

"The social innovators at ChangemakerXchange are working on some of the most pressing issues of our time. They're going to need all the resources we can marshall to help shape a more equitable and fair future. Including a better form of money. I'm proud to support their important work with a crypto donation that's 100% transparent and traceable. We're going to prove our impact."


Your contribution enables us to run workshops, capacity building, virtual trainings, mentoring and coaching for the young social entrepreneurs in our network. You also allow us to bring together changemakers for the purpose of creating collaboration projects towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. And you help us invest in critical infrastructure, test new formats to build the capacity of young changemakers and to bring ChangemakerXchange to many more young social entrepreneurs across the world. We also regularly run a "solidarity fund" to financially support changemakers in the network who struggle to make ends meet.

We take the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies seriously (particularly of those using an energy-heavy "proof of work" approach, like Bitcoin, to secure and mine coins). In order to mitigate the negative impact on the climate we will therefore regularly calculate the amount of energy consumed for donations and transactions to and from ChangemakerXchange. We then deliberately assume the maximum carbon emissions that could be associated to the production of said energy (that is because energy consumption is not equivalent to carbon emissions, read more on this here) and then offset these in accordance with our "sustainable changemaking" policy. At the same time we think there is reason to believe Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are to some extent disproportionately and wrongfully demonized: The actual amount of energy used for mining operations is lower than often reported (see this for background for example) and statements like "Bitcoin uses as much energy as country x" are somewhat misleading, or at least incomplete without knowing what sources (e.g. renewable vs. coal) were used to produce the energy. That said we find it encouraging that more miners worldwide switch to renewable energy sources, use excess energy that would otherwise go to waste (e.g. by leveraging hydro energy in remote areas) and introduce innovations to reduce the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies even further. Already today 76% of Bitcoin miners use renewable energies as part of their mix, and 39% of Bitcoins total energy consumption comes from renewables, see here for more info). While we take the issue very seriously and do not want to downplay it in any way, we'd also like to point out though that the financial industry, including the mining of gold & silver, the real estate needed for banks and financial institutions and the infrastructure of our cash economy have an impact and in order to address the issue we should look at it overall and in a holistic way versus demonizing just one approach.

In case you require a legally compliant donation receipt we are required to ask you for a number of personal details. Please understand that we cannot provide a donation receipt unless you give in person (we cannot accept requests for a receipt in case of an anonymous donation). In case you give in cryptocurrency you will be asked to fill a form. In case you give via PayPal or bank transfer please kindly share with us your full name and address via . Typically donation receipts for 2021 are being shared with you in March 2022. Please let us know if you need it sooner.
Please understand that due to the significant administrative effort we do not provide donation receipts for contributions below 200 EURO, unless you absolutely need one.

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