Roy Straver

Climate Cleanup Foundation, Drawdown Europe, Wable Foundation


1) Remove 1500 gigaton by creating the New Nature Economy. We collect, connect, catalyze, create and communicate CO2 removing businesses as a sector that regenerates nature and restores the global carbon balance. 2) Ecosystem building for a global collaboratory of researchers, governments, business and civic society to enable climate-action. 3) Alleviating communities from poverty is highly complex, Wable believe solutions can arise from a collaborative relationships that foster diversity and co-creation. In co-ownership with schools we create water ventures: Creating water security, just governance and a long-term relationship: making our impact go a long way.
Deep listening, knowledge-networks, wellbeing-strategizing.

#09. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure #11. Sustainable Cities & Communities #12. Responsible Consumption & Production #13. Climate Action