A Path Towards Wellbeing for the Burnt-Out Generation

March 1, 2017

Stepping towards empathy and compassion.

When we hear the terms ‘compassion fatigue’ or ‘empathy burnout’ in a work context, the conversation most likely revolves around the issue faced by so-called social- and health-care workers. Experts on the topic such as Dr. Frank Gabrin claim this “happens in no other segment of the industrial workforce.” Yet, research into the experience of social impact professionals shows they are not immune from this kind of burnout. The opposite is true. […]

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ChangemakerXchange community member Greta Rossi is the co-founder of Recipes for Wellbeing, an initiative, supported by ChangemakerXchange, Ashoka, and the Robert Bosch Stiftung, that aims to create and spread a culture for wellbeing for changemakers and their organisations. Recipes for Wellbeing hosts an online platform where changemakers can access a diverse collection of recipes to cultivate wellbeing in their everyday work and life. They also host personalised wellbeing retreats for changemakers and their organisations.