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At the heart of ChangemakerXchange is a community of over 1000 changemakers from across the world working on a vast range of social and environmental issues. They join the community through programmes that foster lasting connections, nurture wellbeing, and enable peer-learning and meaningful collaborations. We then provide members with ongoing activities, so that they may create, sustain and scale their positive

Facilitators for Change

We believe that great facilitation is like software for driving collaborative social change. We trained over 100 of our community members and 100 leaders from global organisations in transformative and participatory facilitation so they can design and run programs for groups of any size and create truly empowering

The Possibilists

We are also a convening platform for the social innovation ecosystem. The Possibilists is a scientific research effort and a global alliance to explore the lives, impact and needs of young changemakers. It also runs collective action programs to accelerate solutions that improve the conditions for changemaking. Because where others see competition, we see


I’ll say it again - after a long time, I found my tribe!


-Madeeha Ansari, Founder of Cities for Children


1000+ changemakers

135 countries

200+ collaborations

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